Book Your Sitting

1. First Select either

    -Color Guard or

    -Band Portrait Booking

2. Choose Your Date:

Wed, Sept 9, 2020

Wed, Sept 23, 2020

Note: You will need to scroll through the September Calendar to find all of the appointment times.

3. Choose Your Time:

Pick available slot and time to book your sitting:

  • 4:30-5:30 for Guard

  • 4:15, and 5:30-8:00 for Band

ARRIVE EARLY to get into uniform and check-in. Booking time is your PHOTO READY time.

4. Tell us who you are 

and that's it!

Review the

Portrait Program Instructions

for the detailed process for Sibling Orders, Arrival Times, Hair & Makeup, Instruments, Uniform Components, Special Needs, COVID-19 accomodations, etc.


All participants and volunteers are required to wear masks at all times. The students will remove their masks briefly while posing for their portrait, but then they will be required to put the mask back on. 

After Booking your appointment don't forget to order your portrait package!

Orders For ALL PORTRAITS due:

MONDAY, 9\7 for Sittings on 9/9/20

MONDAY, 9\21 for Sittings on 9/23/20